Patient Testimonials

  • Before starting therapy the muscles in my neck and shoulders were stiff and I had a hard time turning my head side to side. Now, after therapy, I can move my head left and right without any pain. My shoulder is also doing really well! I really felt the exercises helped a lot!


  • Before starting therapy I had severe pain and restricted use of my middle finger. Now after completing my physical therapy, I have full use of my finger again with no pain! Thank you Valley Rehab Services!

    Richard S.

  • Before starting therapy I could not raise my arms. Now after completing my physical therapy I can raise my arms over my head without pain. Thank you!

    Larry B.

  • Before starting therapy I constantly felt uneasy and dizzy. Now after completing my physical therapy, I am back to normal and feeling great! They have different ways to heal than what I’ve experienced from past hospital PTs. Valley Rehab is amazing! Thank you!

    Amy F.

  • When I came to Valley Rehab, I was in a lot of pain with and without activity. After physical therapy, I only had mild discomfort with or without activity.


  • I’ve suffered with neck and upper back pain forever. I’d say I’m 75% better than I was when I first came and I feel better than I have in 20 years. Now I’m ready to go do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time.

    JAMES M.

  • I didn’t even know I had bad posture until my grandkids pointed out that I was standing up straighter. Then a colleague told me I looked younger. It’s amazing the change I’ve had in my pain and my posture with the intervention at Valley Rehab Center.


  • I’ve been to a lot of physical therapist in the Ohio Valley but no one has ever given me the evaluation and hands on treatment that I got a Valley Rehab Center. My knees and my back are much better. I’m impressed and will recommend them to my family members and friends.


  • This is the first place that I’ve been to that actually put their hands on me and gave me a thorough evaluation, then treated with deep tissue massage that was effective in reducing my pain. I’ve also had dry needling at other places but it was done differently and was not effective.

    HENRY G.


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  • Mozart, WV
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  • Boydsville, OH
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